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Faculty and Administrative Staff


Victoria M. Leavitt, PhD


Victoria M. Leavitt, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology (in Neurology) at CUMC

Columbia University,
Neurological Institute of New York
710 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Phone: 646-426-3876
Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology (in Neurology) at CUMC

As a clinical neuropsychologist and researcher, Dr. Leavitt's primary interest lies in understanding cognitive impairment and lifestyle factors that protect against cognitive decline in clinical populations, with a specialization in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). An estimated 50-70% of persons with MS experience cognitive symptoms, and the impact on career, family, and life choices can be challenging. Through comprehensive cognitive evaluations, Dr. Leavitt identifies areas of strength and weakness to guide treatment, provide recommendations, and monitor change over time. She is particularly interested in the impact of modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and intellectually stimulating activities in preserving healthy cognition.

In her research, Dr. Leavitt investigates neural and neurophysiological candidate biomarkers of cognitive decline in MS. She is also investigating fatigue in MS.




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