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Faculty and Administrative Staff

Stephanie Cosentino, PhD

Stephanie Cosentino is an Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology (in Neurology, the Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center and the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain).

Stephanie Cosentino, PhD
Sergievsky Center
630 W 168 St
New York, NY 10032
Ongoing Research

From a broad standpoint, my primary interests involve understanding heterogeneous presentations of Alzheimer's disease (AD) with regard to metacognitive functioning, cognitive profiles, and rates of change. Toward this end, I am currently involved in several lines of research:
Metacognition in Alzheimer's Disease: Disordered awareness of memory loss is a striking yet variable symptom of early AD. The etiology and nature of this metacognitive disturbances are unclear, in part due to variable and subjective mesurement of awareness across studies. I am applying an objective metamemory task in an effort to develop a reliable assessment tool that can be used to deconstruct the clinical phenomenon of disordered awareness into identifiable cognitive components. Additionally, my work focuses on understanding the neural correlates and practical implications of disordered self-awareness in dementia. This work is supported by the Paul B. Beeson Career Development Award in Aging.

Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease: The rate at which cognition declines is highly variable across individuals and likely reflects a host of genetic and environmental differences. I am studying the factors which contribute to rate of change within a longitudinal, community-based study of incident AD in residents of Northern Manhattan.

Sergievsky Center
630 West 168 St. New York, NY 10032
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