Cell Culture (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Cell Culture from Frozen Cells (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Fibroblast Isolation (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
DNA Isolation (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Plasma Extraction (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Serum Extraction (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Frozen Pellet Isolation (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
CSF (Isolation/Extraction Charge)
Buffy Coat Isolation
Plate Preparation for Analysis from Stock DNA (Additional Services, per sample)
Progeny Licenses--LIMS (Database Services)
Progeny Licenses--Suite (Database Services)



* Fees are subject to change yearly

*** Please note the fee for DNA Isolation from buffy coats, salvia and blood samples is uniform.


If you require a service which is not listed above please contact us and we will provide you with the appropriate charges.

Please contact us for appropriate guidance on budgeting HGRC services on your grants.